Sora Lella – Vegan Roman Restaurant

New brand identity and marketing collaterals.

Sora Lella – Vegan Roman Restaurant, Brougham Street, Edinburgh.

This project objective was to create a warm and lightly rustic look restaurant identity to resemble the feel of a traditional Roman Trattoria (a small family-owned restaurant), but totally vegan and environmentally friendly, an original new entry in Edinburgh culinary culture.

Project results: The chosen name for the restaurant has tight connections to Rome, Sora Lella was a Roman chef and popular actress during the 80′ – very famous for her generous food portions and passion for the Roman cuisine. The logo elements, such as a wreath, helmet crest over S and dots in between “Sora” (to recall S.P.Q.R) as well as a colour palette was chosen on purpose to recall some of the aspects of Rome historical heritage.

Sora Lella - Vegan Roman Restaurant - menus and business cards

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