Jupiter – Vegan Bakery

Logo design and branding

Jupiter – artisanal vegan bakery with an objective to provide quality vegan bakery products for both, business to business and takeaway.

Main project objective was to design a fresh, modern, and minimal-looking identity in line with owner’s personality and style. The name Jupiter was chosen by the client, the planet has an astrological meaning of strength, expansion, and prosperity.

Project result: The logo resembles the planet, curved lines overlap on the top and lower part of the circle to mimic its rotating clouds system, the J of Jupiter recalls the eye of Jupiter, which is a famous characteristic of this planet. The peach color was a specific request from the client, pastel colors were a big trend at the time. This project outcome was a great success, deeply appreciated by the client.

Jupiter Vegan Bakery - Logo

Jupiter – Takeaway coffee cups

Jupiter Vegan Bakery - takeaway cups