Movado – non profit cultural centre

Logo design and marketing materials

Movado a non profit cultural centre based in Italy  with the aim to provide cultural and professional experience for Italian students in the UK.

Movado would provide accommodation and a temporary workplace for the whole duration of the experience, designed to improve the English level and personal growth of each applicant.

The project objective was to create a fresh and striking identity, designed to attract and audience of 20-30 years old. The founder, was looking for a clear, captivating, versatile look, optimised to work properly on print collaterals, in specific brochures and T-shirts but also versatile enough to work in small size on social medias and website.

Project results: Movado identity is characterised by an acid green, grey and a contrasting tale color, all blended in polygonal shapes intersecting in a modern looking composition. The rotating globe is associated with travel, the round and inlined font looks contemporary, minimal and stylish looking.
A great inspiring project and success.